How our technology applies

Pre-filters and secondary filters are typically made from polyester and polypropylene fibres made into a media.

Our technology coats these fibres with our proprietary anti-pathogenic copper nanotechnology, resulting in a permanently anti-pathogenic filtration media, killing viruses and bacteria on contact throughout the lifetime of the filter

In summary, the above explains why this technology should be adopted immediately for application on both pre-filtration and secondary filtration; not only to protect the occupants of the building being served by the air conditioning, but also those tasked with maintenance.

The process is also cost-effective.

The application technology is well established, easy to retrofit to existing manufacturing facilities and given the low volume of product required to achieve anti-pathogenic enhancement, the direct added cost to the fibres and media is also relatively negligible.

Message from our CEO

As CEO, I have the honour and responsibility of sharing this technology with the world.

I truly believe that this technology will greatly benefit the medical profession, those using Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning and the maintenance engineers who work with them.

The ethical stance of our parent company demands that everyone should have the opportunity and access to such advancements.

That is why we are actively inviting enquiries from all potential users of this technology.